Lorry Wash Solutions

Vehicle Washing Systems for Buses & Cars

This flexible Lorry Wash System is designed for the cleaning of uniform or irregular sized and shaped vehicles, using hot or cold water, brushes or spray bars and fully installed pipe work around the system.

Ideal for Transport Waste Management or plant, we can build aroud the clients fleet size and type. The pump unit, fuel and detergent is housed in a separate building and  the system can be housed in a screen (SWS) to protect the surrounding area.


The unit can be manufactured to any practical size and dimension, and to fit most vehicle sizes and application. The system is available as a portable custom built unit with no requirement for any civil works. Other options include twin lances, coin or token operation, frost protection, hose reels, foam kit etc. A Water Recycling System can also be used in conjunction with this system and we would be pleased to liaise with end users, design or consulting engineers, and civil engineers with any project.


A full range of auto brush wash and truck wash machines. Brush wash and lorry wash units are built to specification and the client's requirements, the logic control circuits programmed around the vehicle fleet for varying artic or rigid sided fleets.

Built from rigid galvanised frames the 2 brush or 3 brush roll-over units can be built in various combinations and layouts to meet customer requirements. A brush-less fixed or moving arch system can be built to specification for irregular shaped or sized vehicles. The system is manufactured and installed to suit all types of vehicles and the size of the fleet, and used by many operators where their simplicity of design and reliability are unequalled. All systems can be used in conjunction with a water reclaim unit.

Water reclaim

Water used during vehicle washing etc is typically collected in either a sump or is collected via a pump out of the silt trap. This water is then pumped into stage one of the system and three stages of settlement. Afterwards the water is then 'Hydrocycloned' to remove finer solids and is now partially ready for recycling. This water can then also be 'electroflocculated' to break down waxes etc (when full reclaim water is required)

Finally water is filtered through activated carbon to remove residual organics such as shampoo etc prior to recycle as rinse water, and pumped back into the system for use.

The Water Recycling System can be used in conjunction with most systems including Screen Wash Systems, Gantry Wash Systems and Wheel Wash Systems.

Lorry Fleet Washing

Lorry wash equipment in action

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Car washing solutions

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