Bus Fleet Washing Solutions

Cleaning Equipment for Buses and Coaches

Our fixed bus wash system boasts total side closing with four vertical washing brushes and one horizontal washing brush which can be installed in various sizes and various washing combinations to suit all fleet sizes and vehicle types.

Washes up to 30 buses in an hour

The automatic cycles can be set to meet the operator choices, washing up to 30 vehicles in an hour.

Fleet manager's choice

Built from rigid, galvanised frames, our bus and coach washing system has the flexible capability of washing differing sizes of PSVs (Public Service Vehicles), Coaches and Minibus fleets. Fleet managers responsible for cleaning their vehicles quickly and economically will find our robust and flexible washing system very competively priced and installed by a team of expert technicians.

Environmental factors

These drive-through bus fleet washing systems are designed to work with environmentally friendly water reclaim systems which collect the waste water in an interceptor to be recycled for later use.

Our technical team can offer expert advice and can also design and specify all civil works, interceptors, water reclaim and discharge and drainage.


Optional Features

Lorry Fleet Washing

Lorry wash equipment in action

Car Washing Solutions

Car washing solutions

Bus Fleet Washing

Bus fleet cleaning

Heavy Plant Washing

Washing heavy plant such as trains and tankers

Interceptors and Separators

Water Reclaim Systems

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