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Moving Gantry Style Equipment

Standard and Optional Features | Lorry Wash Models

An extremely versatile range of lorry wash systems is now available and can be manufactured and installed to suite different fleet sizes, all types of lorries with a variety of wash combinations.

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Corrosion resistant

Built from corrosion resistant, rigid, galvanised frames, the 2 and 3 brush rollover washing units can be constructed with a variety of layouts and combinations. The PLC (programmable logic control) circuits are utilised for artic or rigid sided vehicle washing.

2, 3 and 5 Brushes

Designed to meet your specifications and lorry wash needs with a choice of two, three or five brush wash system and either a hydraulic or pneumatic installation, this demonstrates the versatility and power of Morclean's latest lorry wash range.

Washing irregular vehicle shapes and sizes.

The gantry wash system with a brush-less fixed or moving arche system can be constructed to wash irregular vehicle shapes and sizes.

Electrical Ratings

Lorry Fleet Washing

Lorry wash equipment in action

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